Real, Versatile and Tasty Foods to Keep in your Fridge

My food philosophy for myself, my family and the message I deliver to my clients is to eat REAL FOOD.  The more real food we eat that which is rich in colour and flavour, and the less processed and packet foods that we consume – the healthier and happier our bodies will be.

SALMON – fresh atlantic salmon

  • Well known for its protective effect on cardiovascular health, blood pressure, anti-inflammatory properties (e.g. arthritis and chronic pain sufferers), brain health and new research is highlighting that an important component, calcitonin can support healthy joints and bone and can potentially slow ageing of the skin
  • Aim for 150g salmon twice a week
  • Team salmon with zesty salad of radicchio, fennel, walnuts and orange or steamed vegetables and brown rice

BERRIES – raspberries, blueberries, strawberries

  • Apart from the amazing colour and vibrancy of a bowl of berries, the health properties are outstanding. The colours alone indicate they are packed full of antioxidants and vitamin C
  • shown to decrease the risk of cancer, have a positive effect on heart health, great for blood pressure, anthocyanins naturally ease inflammation in a body
  • add them to your muesli or cereal, blend into a smoothie, use them in a berry, apple, oat and walnut crumble or just eat them frozen from the bowl as an icy treat

PLENTY OF GREENS – Up your leafy greens …. Actually up ALL your greens

  • aim for ½ your vege crisper to be full of greens (kale, silverbeet, spinach, baby spinach, rocket, fennel, Brussel sprouts, beans, peas, broccoli, broccolini, cabbage, Asian greens, herbs
  • protective against cancers, heart disease
  • go for a green smoothie in the morning or for a pick-me-up in the afternoon, enjoy a leafy salad with tuna and olive oil vinaigrette, fill up ½ your plate at night with lightly sautéed greens (broccolini, beans, snow peas, spinach & asparagus with dollops of labne and squeeze of lemon)

 UNSWEETENED GREEK YOGHURT – my faves are Black Swan Breakfast Yoghurt and Chobani Greek yoghurt

  • Greek yoghurt is a little higher in protein as the lactose content is low as it is lost in the processing. Choose unsweetened Greek yoghurt to ensure that there is no added sugar.  You can always add other flavouring yourself like fresh or frozen berries, grated apple or vanilla bean paste
  • live bacteria in the yoghurt will boost your good gut bacteria and promote a healthy bowel
  • team a dollop of plain Greek yoghurt on the side for BBQ’d lamb or try a layered Mason jar with berries, nut sprinkle, yoghurt and muesli, or try a savoury snack of pot of yoghurt with diced cucumber, mint, toasted pinenuts, and always a staple in any smoothie

EGGS – boasted and toasted as my son’s #1 favourite food of ALL times

  • high quality protein food, usually quite a reasonable shelf life – so always have them on hand to make a nutritious, easy and quick meal
  • recommendations are up to 6 eggs a week
  • so versatile – try poached eggs with smoked salmon, wilted spinach, mushrooms and grilled tomatoes, Spanish omelette, “dippy-ins” – boiled eggs and toast, eggs on rye toast with avocado, crumbled fetta and toasted sunflower and pepita seeds, the emergency pizza base – omelette with sea salt and topped with prosciutto , crumbled fetta, roasted grape tomatoes, and rocket with balsamic glaze

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