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header-logoEat and Enjoy Nutrition delivers a fresh approach to the field of nutrition by taking you to a happy and healthful place with food, restoring your health and helping to resolve any symptoms or medical conditions.

The ethos of Eat and Enjoy Nutrition is simple – Eat and Enjoy.  Providing our bodies with nourishing food will help us to feel our best and bring joy to our lives.  A nourished body is a strong foundation for a happy and healthful body.  Food is meant to be eaten and enjoyed and Rachael will help you to build a positive relationship with food, whilst meeting your health and lifestyle goals.

Healthy & Happy

It is well and truly time for food and nutrition to stand front and centre in everyone’s lives.  It needs to convey positive, restorative and freeing messages to people, and give you the experience of happiness and joy with eating, whilst also feeling in your prime.

It is well understood that certain foods agree and disagree with one’s body, and certain foods are more value adding to one’s health, and other foods leave people lacking in energy and vitality.   At Eat and Enjoy Nutrition, you will learn how to fuel your body with nourishing food, reach your health goals and attain a freedom with food, body image and weight that you may never have before achieved.

Personalised Nutrition Advice

Eat and Enjoy Nutrition provides individually tailored nutrition advice to each client and understands that everyone is uniquely different.  Eat and Enjoy Nutrition will also work closely with referring specialists, psychologists, general practitioners to provide a holistic approach to your healthcare.  A strong focus with Eat and Enjoy Nutrition is also on supporting the emotional pillar in an individual’s foundation with teaching mindful eating practices, being kind to yourself and encouraging you to practice nourishing and nurturing activities.

If you would like any nutritional support and coaching, please feel free to contact Eat and Enjoy Nutrition to make an appointment.