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Eat and Enjoy Nutrition offers one-on-one, expert nutrition services to clients and prides itself in having a person-centred and collaborative approach.  Rachael highly values treating the whole person (holistic health), and discusses in detail the truly fascinating connections that nutritional, emotional, physiological and social factors have to play in a person’s body and their health.  Rachael then provides professional nutrition counselling that comes from the latest evidence-based nutrition science, translated beautifully into easy-to-understand language and practical strategies to implement.

Whether you currently have a health or medical condition, or you are looking at optimising your health and vitality with nourishment, Eat and Enjoy Nutrition has a solution for you.  You will not get a “generic diet plan”, you will get expert and detailed nutrition strategies, specifically tailored for you.

(standard 30 mins; long 45 mins)

  • thorough nutritional assessment of medical history, dietary history, lifestyle factors and any relevant biochemical data
  • individualised nutrition and lifestyle plan
  • goal setting
  • nutrition education
  • nutritional recommendations and strategies

(standard 15-20 mins; long 30 mins)

  • recommended 1-2 weeks following initial consultation and ongoing reviews to meet health goals
  • monitoring of progress and changes in symptomology
  • monitoring of biochemical and other physical parameters
  • ongoing nutrition education
  • revision of goals and nutritional strategies