Spoon Project

Rachael is thrilled to announce the launch of her brand new venture – Spoon Project to help people move towards a positive, healthful and happy relationship with food.  The Spoon Project began in a moment where she wanted to provide a positive and uplifting message to her client –  a message of hope, encouragement, and the right to nourish and nurture her body.  The unique and special Nourish and Nurture spoon brings food back to its origin of nourishment and nurturing in a simple and caring way.

The Nourish and Nurture spoon provides

  •  a connection with food and eating, health and enjoyment
  •  freedom with your food choices
  •  making food choices that add value to your life
  •  reassurance and encouragement for those struggling with eating issues
  •  positivity and empowerment in your journey to healthful and happy relationship with food
  •  nourishing and nurturing your body and inner self

Exclusively designed by Rachael and locally made by a talented artist, the Nourish and Nurture spoon provides warmth, mindfulness and understanding at meal times for people of all ages, and in particular those people who may be in a battle with disordered eating or the diet-merry-go-round.   Purchase your spoon here, and you too can join the Spoon Project.  Start your first meal of the day with this uplifting message that resonates with your true self, or the self that you wish to be.

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