Power up your day with a nourishing brekkie

We certainly know the importance of our children or grandkids having breakfast before school, and now there are many breakfast programs within schools to ensure that children eat this most important meal of the day.  As adults, we sometimes forget the importance of a daily breakfast as we are rushing to get to work, have kid’s before-school commitments, or we are running late.  Breakfast literally breaks the fast of 12 hours, and refuels our energy reserves.  There are the “ I never eat breakfast” people or “my stomach can’t handle breakfast” people and the “I don’t have time” people.  There are clever ways around this to find a breakfast that is going to work for you to power up your day.

A nourishing breakfast ……

  • kick-starts your metabolism and can reduce your waist line
  • feeds your brain and fuels your body
  • gives your energy and stamina
  • improves your concentration and memory
  • can provide 25% of your energy needs and 50% of your nutrient needs for the day

A fabulous breakfast should include some wholegrains, a dairy food or equivalent, some protein and a colourful fruit or vegetable.  Some great nutrition boosters for your breakfast include walnuts, psyllium husks, seeds (pepitas, chia, sunflower), avocado, banana, nut butter and kefir (fermented milk drink).  Try these power-fuelled breakfast ideas in your house, many can be made the night before so you just need to grab one in the morning.

On-the-Go breakfast

Breakfast Pot – homemade granola or oats, natural Greek yoghurt (higher in protein), fresh berries

Oat Pot – rolled oats, chia seeds, Kefir, vanilla essence, honey and mixed berries

Choc-Nana Smoothie – milk or almond/rice/oat milk, banana, psyllium, nut butter and cacao

Green Smoothie – baby spinach, almond milk, oatmeal, kiwifruit, avocado, cinnamon, maple syrup

Single-serve frittata muffins or savoury muffins (pre-made) – zucchini, pesto and fetta cheese frittatas; roasted capsicum, sun-dried tomato and bacon muffins; mushroom, parmesan, pinenut and quinoa frittatas

 Family Favourites

The Classic – wholegrain breakfast cereal, milk, sliced banana, cinnamon and spoon of LSA

Toasters – wholegrain toast with avocado and fetta cheese with toasted sunflower seeds & pepitas; nut butter, sliced banana and cinnamon; ricotta cheese, sliced strawberries and drizzle of balsamic

Time-for-You Breakfast

Omelette  – eggs, mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes, capsicum, mushrooms, baby spinach, herbs

Breakfast bowl – large spoon of quinoa, roasted baby tress tomatoes, avocado, poached egg, grated baby beets, slices of roasted jap pumpkin, lime wedge, dukkah

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