Kids Need their Brainy Breakfast

Kids breakfast porridgeA recent Australian study reveals one in four Australian children still go to school without breakfast.  Teachers are the first to admit that children who do not have breakfast are more tired, irritable, restless and less focused than their full-bellied classmates.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it literally breaks the fast of 12 hours, refuelling our energy reserves.

A nourishing breakfast ……

  • kick-starts their metabolism
  • feeds their brain and fuels our body
  • gives them energy and stamina
  • improves their concentration and memory
  • can provide ¼ of kid’s total energy needs and ½ of their nutrient needs

You may have the “sleeper-inner”, the grunter of monosyllables, the “I don’t’ want breakfast-er”, or the “running late-er”. Try the Cool Dude Food strategy for breakfast in your house – cool dudes EAT breakfast.

Cool Dude Food (CDF) = Carbohydrate plus Dairy plus Fruit

The best breakfast should include some starchy carbohydrate, a dairy food or dairy alternative and a piece of fruit.  Try these power-fuelled breakfast ideas in your house each morning.

  • Raisin bread, topped with ricotta cheese and chopped strawberries or banana with glass of milk
  • Weet-bix or other high-fibre cereal with milk and fresh berries
  • Bircher muesli (oats and chopped nuts, soaked in 100% apple juice and natural yoghurt with grated apple, covered and refrigerated overnight) – add frozen berries and fruit flavoured Greek yoghurt in the morning
  • Avocado “soldiers” with boiled egg and ½ glass of unsweetened fruit juice
  • Cheese and ham toastie with an orange
  • Fruit smoothie (blend milk, yoghurt, berries or banana with sprinkle of wheatgerm) and toasted muffin or wholemeal crumpet
  • Or for on the go…. “quick we’re late” …. squeezie yoghurt with cereal bar OR cheese slice with wholemeal crackers and an apple OR layered jar of muesli, yoghurt, berries, chopped nuts

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