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The Spoon Project began in a moment where I wanted to provide a positive, uplifting and powerful message to one of my clients at her first meal of the day.  The message is – you can nourish your body, you can restore your health, you can own your food choices, and you too can have a nourishing and positive relationship with food that is natural and freeing.  How can I get this message of empowerment at each meal, each day?

…. a spoon

The Nourish and Nurture spoon represents a connection with food and eating, health and enjoyment, freedom with your food choices, and these choices adding value to your life.  The spoon brings food back to its origins of nourishment and nurture in its simplest way.  Eat from a place of nourishment and love, not fear and dieting.

The Spoon Project is an exclusive initiative of Rachael Bradford, Director of Eat and Enjoy Nutrition.  Its goal is to help people find a positive, healthful and happy relationship with food.  With over 25 years’ experience as a Nutritionist-Dietitian, Rachael sees all too frequently people with such an unhappy and unhealthy focus on body image, endless cycle of dieting, negative and confusing messages about food and nutrition, unrealistic expectations, too much of the “don’t eat”, and futile years of food restrictions.

It is time that people take ownership of food in their lives, make sustainable and healthful food, movement and lifestyle choices that work for them and be comfortable and content within their own bodies.  It is time to recognise that we are all unique and beautiful individuals and our choices should align with our true self.  Our food choices are ours to make and should be freeing, restorative and enjoyable.

I chose the words “nourish and nurture” to serve as a gentle reminder that food adds value to your world in a positive, nourishing and nurturing way.  Start your first meal of the day with your very own Nourish & Nurture spoon and its uplifting message that resonates with your true self, or the self that you wish to be.

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